5 cm interval
With Designsofa’s unique 5 cm range in width modules, we can help you make the most of your space. For example, if you choose a 70 cm module and there is between 0-2.5 cm too much in relation to your wall, you have the option with our sofa to choose a 65 cm module, which means you now have 0-2,5 cm from sofa to your wall. However, we recommend at least 1 cm of air between the sofa and the wall.

Two types of looks
We offer two types of sofas – Standard and IQ. They differ from each other in appearance on the front board. The front board is the front of the sofa, under the seat cushions.
Standard is 18 cm width on front board, where IQ is 12 cm.
If you do not want special height on the sofa comes standard with 12 cm legs and IQ version with 18 cm legs.

Seating heights
Our standard seat height is 45 cm. But since our sofas are available in Standard and IQ versions with 18 cm front boards and 12 cm front boards, and wooden legs are supplied from 8-18 cm, Designsofa can be delivered in seating heights from 35-51 cm.

Seat Depths
Designsofa come with two seat depths – Standard and Short. Short seat depth is an advantage for people with short legs or in environments where you want a streamlined expression.

Seating comfort
We offer five types of comfort in seat cushions to ensure you get exactly the comfort you want in your new dream sofa.
32 kg soft cold cured foam
36 kg medium cold cured foam with higher density
36 kg Medium cold cured foam with downtop (downtop cushions made with small pockets to ensure optimal weight absorption)
36 kg Medium cold cured foam with Memory foam top
40 kg hard cold cured foam

Back comfort
To ensure the optimal choice for your own unique sofa, we offer 4 types of back cushions:
25 kg of medium polyether
25 kg medium cold cured foam
25 kg medium with polyether and Memory foam top
Polydun (polydun is a mixture of down and Polyether Granules)
This allows you to get the comfort and expression you want on your unique sofa.

Many choices in modules, arms and legs
No other sofa program offers as many modules, arms and legs as our program. For example, a number of our legs are available in height ranges of 2 cm, from 8-18 cm.
With the myriad of combination options in our design program, you have the opportunity to design your very own unique dream sofa.

Arms: 10 arms.
For you to design your own unique dream sofa, it is important that you have choices to create your own design. Therefore, Designsofa offers a total of 10 different arms in our program in variations 9-27 cm in width.

In order to optimize your complete experience when designing your own sofa, it is important that you can complete your design with the right accessories. That’s why we offer a range of accessories products for your new sofa. Right from the headrest in the right size, going with the width modules from 50-100 cm, for pillows and universal insert arm.

Bi-Color (tri-color)
When designing your own unique dream sofa, it is also important for us to offer all sorts of choices. That’s why we offer that you can choose up to three fabrics / leather / colors on your new sofa. For example, choose corpus in white Paloma leather, blue wool back cushions and headrest in green Lux textile. Only your imagination sets the boundaries when designing your own unique sofa.

Alternative thread color (contrast stitching)
When designing your own dream sofa, it is also important that you can personalize the sofa for your own expression. That’s why we offer that you can get alternative stitches on your new Designsofa. We offer different colors of thread in the same thickness as exhibited models.

Large selection of Textiles and Leather
With a Designsofa, it is important that we offer you so many options in textiles and leather that you can find with great confidence an expression on your dream sofa that suits you. That’s why we offer more than 30 choices in leather and more than 300 choices in textiles.

Of these, several the products are also offered as, Fire retardant, Easy to clean, Pet friendly and Water resistant.

Textile or leather as desired.
When designing your very own unique dream sofa, we also offer that you can choose your own textile or leather if you wish. If you have a unique desire and have found the cover that suits you perfectly, you have the opportunity to have it covered on your unique dream sofa.

If you want your dream sofa delivered in what we call customer fabric / leather, please ensure, in collaboration with the retailer, that the right amount of textile or leather is delivered to our factory, after which we sew your sofa as desired.

Flame retardant material
Designsofa is available in fire-retardant material. These are requirements for ships, offshore, and certain public institutions and can be an advantage in private homes. In some countries, fire-retardant material is required by law. We supply sofas to all of these throughout Europe through our retailers.

Build or separate over time!
When you design your own dream Sofa, you can always purchase extra modules, arms or legs if you want your sofa to have a different look. With the 5 cm range in width modules you can always make the most of your space, even if you move around in your home or move somewhere else.

However, we make reservations about the impact of the environment on the cover and expired covers.

Click Assembly
With Designsofa you assemble your new sofa as a breeze. With our click collections you click the individual modules together in a short time. From getting the couch home and getting it all together, it only takes a very short time. You can easily expand or change your sofa if your needs change.

Adjustable head rests
On Designsofa you can buy easily usable head rests. They are easy to move around with, and you can always have the pillow in exactly your desired space. The Head rest can be adjusted back and forth to ensure the optimal functioning of the product.

Make high-back sofa yourself
A little extra plus is that if you buy Head rests for your entire dream sofa, no matter the size of your modules, these can be available in all sizes. The neck pillows can thus be used to make the sofa in a high-backed version. The Head rests, which are placed on top of the back cushion, are an option and easy to place. This can give the sofa a different look without having to buy a high-backed sofa.

Logo print on your sofa
With Designsofa, we offer the opportunity to have a logo or other designs printed on the fabric. Therefore, you can create an even more unique design sofa. Whether it is Cushions with a desired print or company logo on the couch, this is possible, creating exactly the dream sofa you want.

Please inquire about the terms and prices through our customer service.

Cohesive products in modern living style or Traditional Nordic design.
When designing your own unique dream sofa in Europe’s largest design sofa program, it is important that we also provide products that match your new sofa. That is why we offer elegant stylish armchairs in our living and Tradition series. See more under matching chairs products.

Modern design sofa for Traditional Nordic chairs.
By choosing a short seat depth, hard seat cushion and with height-adjusted legs, the Design sofa is ideal as a sofa for our tradition program, including the Sorø recliner used by many seniors. Our Tradition program is classic Nordic furniture design. See more under matching chairs products.

Possibility of incontinence cloth built in upholstery
With Design sofa you have the option of having built-in incontinence cloth in your cover to prevent against the passage of liquids. This can be especially advantageous for public institutions or seniors.