Design your own unique designsofa via our 3D design program.

and visit our sofa-dealers to optimize your design to your needs and wishes.

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For design help and dealer information, contact us by phone on +45 98 62 22 77 (during office hours),
by email at or through our contact page.

Video walk through can be found on designsofa youtube channel:

designsofa YouTube channel!

With Designsofa you can design your own unique dream sofa in the best quality on the market, at a
reasonable price. No other sofa supplier in Europe offers similar options and quality at the same price.
Designsofa is a product for the family who wants a unique sofa product, where you have the opportunity to
customize the sofa to your liking. You have the opportunity to create your unique dream sofa, which
creates the framework for the family for many years into the future.

With the wide range of Modules, arms, legs, textiles and leather, you can design a sofa for your dreams and
that is unique.
With the 5 cm interval on all width modules, you have the possibility to adjust the sofa to the dimensions
the room allows, and you can therefore make optimal use of your space. There are no more standard
solutions and expensive waste.

Produced in Europe

Designsofa is Danish design, produced in Europe, by craftsmen in their own specialty.

The design sofa is the opposite of standard solutions.
When your retailer places your order, it is forwarded to the factory where the craftsmen start designing your
unique sofa. The FSC certified wood is cut according to the dimensions, the foam is formed, the cutting is
started, the seams are sewing the covers and the upholstery covers your sofa. Subsequently, the sofa
undergoes a thorough quality control, is packaged properly, and ready for dispatch, together with other unique
design sofas, to ensure optimal utilization of transport and thus minimal environmental impact.

Unique location

Our factory has a unique location for the sofa and upholstery industry. In this area of Europe, among others,
some of the biggest design brands in furniture, and car manufacturers get their covers sewn. The craftsmen
therefore have extensive experience and a long tradition of producing our furniture of the highest quality on
the market. Double stitching is a quality stamp on our furniture. Completely straight double stitching is a
distinctive view of high quality. Of course, on Design Sofa you get both.